From 0 to 2000 Words a Day

I consider myself a writer. Ask me what I want to do career-wise, I answer, “Write.” Preferably fiction, but much like acting, beggars can’t be choosers.

My problem is that I don’t write. I imagine that’s everyone’s problem. Everyone who talks about how they really want to write a novel but they never do.

And so, I begin this blog with this promise: 2000 words a day from here onwards. I promise I will write that much on a typical day. Occasionally, I will indeed miss a day; occasionally I will not meet 2000 for some reason. For the most part, however, 2000 words a day.

Here is my framework: How to Create a Habit in 15 Days

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4 Responses to From 0 to 2000 Words a Day

  1. Lyman Reed says:

    You can do it… it’s a worthy goal, and you’ve picked a great resource to develop the habit. Have fun!

  2. itsleisa says:

    Ditto! Good luck! And even more…Kudos on having the hutzpa to say “I’m gonna” Are the 2,000 going to go on the blog, or just updates?

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